Flekkerøy Church wins the Building of the Year award in Kristiansand

 We are looking forward to the opening on December 1st.

The jury’s rationale:

“The jury believes that ‘New Horizon’ has given Flekkerøy a new church where the old church building, the reconstructed free-standing tower, and the new building each have proportions that excellently preserve the scale of the area. The new building has a timeless design while also being adapted to the simple architecture of the original church building. The architects are praised for the project’s design, interior details, and use of materials. The use of daylight as an interior quality is highlighted, as well as the large window area where nature is experienced almost as part of the church space. The fact that the project has had the same building technical and acoustic consultant has contributed to an uncompromising church space where simplicity is also reflected in the interior.

The choice of concept, architecture, and materials also allows the construction industry to showcase work of high quality. The developer, planners, and contractors have together solved very demanding building technical tasks in a good way, and dared to challenge themselves on chosen solutions. In particular, the work with exposed concrete, both externally and internally, is highlighted.”