Selfowned and independent, knowledgeable and dedicated

Hille Melbye is a recognized and diverse architectural firm in Oslo. We have built expertise since 1955 and today are one of the few offices with a clear strategy to meet the future as independent and self-reliant. Our employee-owned model ensures a strong and stable work environment, with a passionate commitment to the profession and our assignments.

The right expertise at the right time; always the best for the job.

We have close relationships with our clients and a short distance from inquiry to the right staffing. With specialized expertise in all relevant fields, and a broad network of advisors, we can offer stable, fruitful, and efficient processes, from start to finished solutions.


Passion for urban life and lasting architecture

For almost 70 years, we have been where people gather and delivered projects that create activity, community, and a sense of belonging to their surroundings. Architecture spanning the spectrum between tradition and innovation characterizes our work. We help our clients find lasting and resilient solutions for tomorrow’s use. Whether it’s overarching urban planning or individual buildings that are the task, Hille Melbye Architects’ ambition is to create vibrant spaces and experiences that people love.

Sustainability – our principles

For us, sustainability is about social, ecological, and economic considerations, and the creative space that arises in the meeting between these. By combining vibrant neighborhoods and meeting places for all with biological diversity and low carbon emissions, we contribute to shaping an inclusive society with solutions that care for our planet.

We engage in pilot and research projects that provide expertise in social housing and reuse/circular design. In line with the industry’s increased focus on climate-friendly solutions, we have developed our own strategy and method for sustainable design, which is integrated into our working process.


Experience, knowledge, and curiosity

Hille Melbye Architects has a broad and varied workload with specialists in most fields. The staff consists of a good mix of highly skilled and experienced individuals, alongside young talents who master new technologies and challenge traditional solutions.

In our work culture, the pursuit of insight and knowledge is as strong as the desire to think innovatively.

This enables us to unlock the potential in every task and deliver projects that engage and surprise.

Expertise at all levels

Effective dialogue between clients, professionals, and the public is crucial to reaching good solutions. We are responsive to all parties involved in a process and strive to translate desires, opportunities, and challenges into good solutions. The different phases of a project require different skills and knowledge. We are specialized and organized according to processes and segments and can provide expertise and experience at all levels.

Early stage

The strategic work in the early stages forms the basis for value creation later in the process. Our expertise in this area is one of our most important assets, as it sets the framework for the architecture and environment to be developed on-site.

Planning and zoning work. Hille Melbye Architects has solid experience in handling complex planning processes. Experienced planning consultants work hand in hand with skilled urbanists and designers from start to finish, with the aim of implementing good and achievable planning measures, tailored to society’s and the client’s needs.

Urban and site development. Creating attractive places to live and work is a priority for us. We focus on finding the measures that best ensure vibrant neighborhoods, good living experiences, and inclusive meeting places.




 Hille Melbye has a long-standing history of construction and is renowned for its expertise in implementation. We have a solid understanding of interdisciplinary collaboration and assemble stable and structured teams capable of detailed project planning. A team of experienced and seasoned project managers allows us to undertake the execution of large and complex buildings.


We are early adopters and pioneers in technological development. Our office comprises proficient users of the latest and most relevant digital tools, tailored to the different phases of project planning. We have an ongoing commitment to AI technology and continually update ourselves on relevant software, ensuring its applicability in projects and towards clients.


We have specialized expertise in the following segments:


We are particularly engaged in issues related to residential environments and the future of living arrangements. We believe these should be designed to facilitate community, accommodate the diversity of people in urban areas, and be economically accessible to more people. In recent years, we have developed several concepts in dense urban structures that combine housing in small spaces with flexible communal areas on the ground floor. The foundation of all these concepts is a desire to activate or give back to the local area.


We have a great passion and understanding for buildings that are meant to gather many people. In our sports arenas, cultural centers, churches, libraries, and educational buildings, we are looking for means to provide the public with a good and shared experience, while also addressing practical considerations such as circulation, flexibility, and the possibility of various uses being accommodated.


 We have a keen interest in the future of work culture and how we can facilitate flexible office and commercial buildings that meet the needs of the future. We believe in generous and social meeting places for users, outward-facing ground floors, with architecture and high-quality material design – this adds value to the building, the users, and the city. At the same time, space efficiency should meet smart solutions, allowing for easy adaptation to different types of tenants. Over time, we have developed expertise in workplace development and assist clients with developing prospect documents.


The buildings of tomorrow are already built, at least many of them. We find opportunities for new and modern use in older buildings and base our evaluations on energy efficiency and facade upgrades. We have extensive experience and a deep understanding of dealing with heritage interests. We always combine the communication of the building’s history with new principles of reuse and circular design.


We offer comprehensive development of color and material concepts for all types of buildings. We have in-depth knowledge of materials and how they contribute to enhancing the overall quality of interiors as well as exteriors. Our certified color specialists can prepare complete documentation for prospectuses within the residential and office segments. We manage our knowledge of aesthetics for the benefit of the project.