International Attention for Jordal Amfi

The new Jordal Amfi unfolds over four pages in the world-leading magazine for sports architecture and is described by Morgenbladet as a beautiful and inclusive ice rink.

The attention has been significant since Vålerenga’s new ice rink was completed on the east side of Oslo in the fall of 2020. While today’s and future hockey stars await the opportunity to use the hall, the building itself and its architecture have received both international and national press coverage.

–Transparent, Compact, and Energy-Efficient

In the first issue of the renowned SB Magazine this year, the New Jordal Amfi is highlighted as a transparent, compact, and energy-efficient sports arena. The magazine devotes four pages to showcasing both the hall in its surroundings, the stands, the skating rink, and details from the interior of the arena. It particularly emphasizes the uniqueness of spectators entering the hall slightly above the level of the stands due to the elevated terrain around the hall, allowing them to look directly down at the skating rink.

Read the review of the New Jordal Amfi in SB Magazine here.


“A Beautiful and Inclusive Ice Rink”

Morgenbladet has also dedicated column space to give its verdict on Oslo’s new ice rink.

“The New Jordal Amfi has become a gift both to the club and to a neighborhood that will only become more locally patriotic in the future,” architect and writer Gaute Brochmann asserts in his review.

Brochmann believes the hall invites compact supporter and sports experiences with its steep stands pulled closely down to the ice. Additionally, it is particularly highlighted how the new hall, located on the site of the old one, appears inclusive and quiet in its interaction with the local community. It is stated that the new hall’s connection to its surroundings is “significantly better.”

Read the full review of the New Jordal Amfi in Morgenbladet here (subscription required).

Excerpt from the article in Morgenbladet February 19, 2021.