The Hille Melbye project is part of the museum exhibition NABO

Our project in Kalgane, Bergen, is highlighted as a good example of a urban development project that fosters good neighborhoods. On May 6th, the exhibition “NABO: how shall we live together” opened at Kode in Bergen. The exhibition serves as a meeting place to explore how residents, politicians, and professionals can collaborate to create better architecture. Hille Melbye’s project in Kalgane has been selected to participate.

“At Kalgane, we explore how to cultivate a sense of ownership of a place and a community—not just of one’s own home. We have started with the common areas and the nature park, and the development of the residences stems from that,” says architect Mattias Bager.

The project consists of approximately 300 housing units and is being developed in collaboration with the architectural firm Arkitektgruppen Cubus. Kalgane is located right next to the Lagunen shopping center, with Lagunen Eiendom as the client.

“In a time where loneliness is an increasing problem, creating a community that one can be part of is very important for public health. At Kalgane, the street is a car-free courtyard that invites play and socializing. The combination of urban environment and nature park gives Kalgane unique qualities and the best conditions for creating good meeting places,” adds Mattias.

The exhibition, in which Kalgane is featured, presents innovative examples of homes and neighborhoods that invite a more social everyday life, where neighbors can share spaces, build communities, and create well-being, solidarity, and belonging.

The exhibition is in collaboration with the City Architect of Bergen and the research project #bopilot, and it is open until September 11th.