– If we lose home games now, it’s our own fault

Jordal Amfi has become a world-class ice rink hosting both grassroots and elite sports, with Vålerenga’s hockey team leading the charge.

“This is going to be Oslo’s main arena. A lot of people are going to enjoy being here. It’s a fantastic venue. It’s incredibly intimate, and the seats go all the way down to the ice. The steepness of the seating makes the hockey experience much, much better,” says Espen “Shampo” Knutsen, media manager at VIF hockey.

“They’ve put together a puzzle”

In the new Jordal Amfi, one of the architects’ biggest challenges has been to strike a balance between preserving the legacy of the old amphitheater while meeting the expectations of a new and modern arena.

“It has become a fantastic building. The architects have been involved from the preliminary project to the final phase and have incorporated many elements from the old building into the new one. They have managed to put together this puzzle from many different actors to achieve a very good result. It has certainly become the meeting place we have wanted for both hockey enthusiasts and for all of Oslo,” says Kristina Bødal, Assistant Project Manager for Cultural and Sports Buildings in the Municipality of Oslo.

“Fantastic Architectural Collaboration”: Espen “Shampo” Knutsen, the media manager of VIF hockey, believes everything is set for success on the ice in Jordal Amfi.

Inspired by Shampo’s USA Career

The design of the hall space aims to provide the audience with proximity to the activity on the ice and the feeling of not just being spectators but part of the game. The proposal emerged when Shampo shared his experiences from many years as a professional hockey player in the USA.

“It was Shampo who suggested bringing the ‘ice rink’ right up to the first row of seats. He had been playing in the States for many years, and that’s how they do it over there,” says architect and project manager for Jordal Amfi at Hille Melbye, Robin Rakke.

Although the extensive project has been a collaboration among many different actors and contributors, the overall impression left behind is one of successful collaboration and much gratitude.

“The collaboration with Hille Melbye has been fantastic from day one, and they have been very receptive to what we have to say, so it has been excellent,” says Knutsen.

Everything suggests that the new ice rink will be a venue for great sporting moments and memorable experiences for many years to come.

“If we lose home games now, it’s our own fault. Everything is set for us to have many great years ahead,” concludes Knutsen.

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