First in the world with SPACEMAKER certification!

Two of our forward-thinking architects, Mikkel Haavaldsen and Bjarni Arnason, have recently completed the certification program for Spacemaker AI, making them the first two architects in the world to achieve full Spacemaker certification.

– This is a new tool that can revolutionize the way we develop properties. Architects must, in order to fully utilize the technology, set aside skepticism and misconceptions about artificial intelligence. It is a myth that this is about computers creating cities for us,” says Mikkel Haavaldsen.

Spacemaker is a Norwegian company developing a data tool that uses artificial intelligence to assess various options for how plots of land can be developed. Several major developers in Norway are already using the tool, and it is becoming an increasingly sought-after skill among architects.

“This is a powerful tool that gives us new ways to collaborate with developers. It helps us capture crucial factors for the project’s viability early in the process, which in turn saves us a lot of time and streamlines our work,” says Haavaldsen.

We are proud to have this expertise in-house and look forward to using it in our collaborative projects in the future.

Read more about the collaboration in this article published in Estate Media.