Welcome to the afterwork event on September 7th!

Oslo Urban Week is just around the corner – and the program is packed. Following our presentation on the pilot project “City Residences for Everyone” at the OBOS Housing Conference, we invite you, in collaboration with JM Norway, to an afterwork event on September 7th from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM.

This will be both a professional and social gathering where we offer refreshments, networking, and a deep dive into the topic through a panel discussion and presentations. In the debate, we will challenge several relevant profiles in the urban development community to share their thoughts on how we can utilize the potential of the city’s ground floors in a more sustainable way.



Hanna Marcussen or Rasmus Reinvang, City Development Councilor, Oslo Municipality.

Bård Folke Fredriksen, CEO, NBBL, and former City Development Councilor.

Gro Sandkjær Hansen, Researcher, OsloMet, and member of the Oslo Architectural Council.

Steffen Håndlykken, Artist and Chairman, Young Artists’ Society.

Andreas Vaa Bermann, Director, PBE.

Espen Thøgersen, Urban Jungle.

Hilde Vatne, CEO, JM Norway.


Kjell Kvarekvål, Director of Communication and Society, JM Norway.

Read more and sign up for the event here. (https://oslourbanweek.no/program/byboliger-for-alle)

Join the debate – welcome to the afterwork event!

What do Hille Melbye architects think?

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