Step inside Flekkerøy Church.

The new church center outside Kristiansand has become a crucial gathering point for the local community on the island. Since the substantial building opened its doors in 2019, it has been brimming with life and activity almost seven days a week.

In this video, you can join us inside Flekkerøy Church. The project was named “New Horizon” and represents a modern congregation grounded in good traditions.

The church was designed by Hille Melbye Arkitekter and Einar Dahle Arkitekter. In a society where meeting places are becoming increasingly scarce, multifunctionality and good spaces for interaction have been some of the core values ​​of the project. Arne Nilsen Berg, youth minister at Flekkerøy Church, believes that creating good meeting places is one of their most important tasks in the church.

“One of our main tasks here is to create meeting places. Meeting places between people and meeting places between God and people. We find that this building facilitates and supports that,” says Arne Nilsen Berg.

Meeting place, café, church, and concert hall

The new church center’s area of use extends far beyond a traditional church space. In the building’s basement, there is a 2000 square meter activity room for young people, where they have access to their own dance room. Larger youth events are also often held, transforming the church space into a atmospheric concert hall.

“What I find particularly good about this church is that it is so versatile. You can do almost anything in any room,” says Thomas Kulien, a volunteer in the congregation.

The church interior itself should be an experience, modest on the outside yet possessing inner strength and beautiful light.


Heart and Breathing Space

The building is intended to encompass the various needs that arise throughout life’s many stages within a church setting. It should be a place for joy, play, singing, and dancing, but also a place for grief, peace, and tranquility. This is reflected, for example, in the fact that the café has been named “Pust” (Breath).

“I feel that the café becomes a heart on the island, that it’s pulsating, that people can come here and catch their breath. After all, the café is called ‘Pust,'” says Arlen Helland, who works as a volunteer in the café.

The building was one of the finalists for the Betongtavlen 2020 award. See more photos on Flekkerøy Church’s project page here.

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