We won the competition for 80 new care homes in Kjelsås

With high environmental ambitions combined with good architecture, the project will be built in solid wood and also have a Plusshus standard. In collaboration with WK Entreprenør and Nils Tveit Arkitektkontor, we have won Boligbygg Oslo KF’s competition for 80 modern Care+ homes and activity center for the elderly at Kjelsåsveien 114-116.

The challenge has been to create a building that adapts to the surrounding residential area. With varied heights and outdoor spaces, we have achieved a good interaction with the surroundings.

In the design of the homes, we have focused on the residents’ needs, emphasizing a safe environment that is rich in visual experiences. This is achieved by combining a balanced rhythm of open spaces and cozy spaces both indoors and outdoors, which are public or private. The care building and outdoor spaces should be experienced as a safe neighborhood rather than an institution.

According to the plan, the first groundbreaking in the project will take place in the summer of 2020. If the progress continues as planned, the finished building will be ready for occupancy by the summer of 2022.