Jordal Amfi Will be Filled to the Brim in 2021

The long-awaited opening of a packed Jordal Amfi has been postponed indefinitely.

A week ago, the government introduced the second most intrusive measures since the coronavirus shutdown on March 12 last year. The hockey league is now at risk of being halted. The amphitheater and Jordal Park were ready to welcome thousands of excited people late this fall. Crowds were supposed to flow through the streets, into the park, and into the amphitheater. Anticipation for the arena and what the hockey season would bring was palpable. The lid on the amphitheater was set to lift under the pressure of the audience toward the first face-off.

The opening will be an experience and a milestone for the history books.

– “We believe and hope that in 2021, we will experience the Amfi with thousands of ecstatic spectators gathered in the stands, in the surrounding streets, and in the park at Jordal,” says an enthusiastic Magnus Sandberg Johansen as he gazes dreamily past the Teams camera and out the window of his apartment at Carl Berner.

The three architects Robin Rakke, Magnus Sandberg Johansen, and Fredrikke Thuestad have had the opening of the Amfi as the major goal since the start of the project several years ago. Music crackles from the laptop speakers before Fredrikke chimes in from Vika;

“The day the arena opens fully will mean much more than we could have imagined. Now it will also be the definitive proof that society is back to normal. It will be an experience in itself, in addition to being a milestone for the history books.”

In anticipation of the opening to the public, we have done like David Attenborough and brought a camera team into a world that is still unknown to most. Watch the video: