The city’s new meeting place

Youngstorget 3

The city’s meeting place Youngstorget 3 We love MEETING PLACES! The importance of physical meeting spaces has never been more evident. We humans are social beings, and after several weeks of a digital lifestyle, we can safely conclude that we miss the urban life as it was before. And as it will be again!

We are delighted that it has now been one year since the new YOUNGSTORGET 3 was completed. The building has provided space for new meeting places and a social work culture in the heart of Oslo, with Youngs on the ground floor and the design agency Netlife on the upper floors. These outgoing tenants have brought a delightful atmosphere to Youngstorget with their open doors and events.

A clean-cut brick facade highlights Youngstorget’s history and architecture, where the classic meets the modern. Good craftsmanship is combined with durable natural materials. The BRICK is supplied by Mur Direkte AS, Egernsund Tegl, and executed by master mason Rolf Holm.

Photo: Niels Nygaard.