– The Town Square will become an attractive meeting place for the entire municipality

As a result of winning a parallel commission for Obos and Løvenskiold Eiendom, Hille Melbye is now involved in the planning of the Town Square in Sagaveien, Ås. In the new large quarter, efforts are being made to create a good living environment that includes an attractive meeting place for all residents.

The university town of Ås is located 30 minutes by train from Oslo Central Station and has just over 18,000 inhabitants. When the Hille Melbye project, the Town Square, is completed, it will become an important part of the city center.

The Town Square will not only be for those who live in the quarter. All residents will be able to enjoy the facilities and the porous block structure that creates an important cross-connection through the city, with an attractive area playground centrally located within the site. Kaja Melbye from Hille Melbye explains.

“The Town Square will be a meeting place that connects the city center with the residential areas to the west of the city. The quarter steps down and opens up towards the villa area, taking on a higher, more urban character towards Moerveien in the east,” says Mikkel Haavaldsen, architect M.Arch at Hille Melbye.

The goal of the Town Square is to elevate the entire area and introduce something new. The project’s location and size provide an opportunity to add qualities, architecture, and amenities that the municipality does not currently have.

The entrance to the park is designed as an inviting city portal, with adjacent ground floors allocated to shared functions and commercial spaces, creating a good interaction between the outdoor and indoor activities throughout the year.

“The architectural language is inspired by well-known features and elements from classic and valued residential areas in Oslo, creating a sense of security and belonging for residents while giving back to the city,” continues Haavaldsen.

We have focused on developing a residential project with surplus and generosity, says Kaja Melbye. Functions, outdoor spaces, and architectural elements belonging to the community are highlighted, while the residences themselves have been given a calm and regular architectural language that provides a sense of equality.