Green Light for Eidsvoll’s Largest Urban Development

With the development of the Wergelandskvartalet, Eidsvoll city center is set for a major transformation with new residential units, shops, and commercial spaces.

Hille Melbye has designed what will now contribute to a modern addition to Eidsvoll city center. The municipality has spent several years evaluating and discussing what has been described as the largest project in the municipality’s history. In early May, the municipality finally approved the developers’ plans. The new development will be situated close to the historically significant wooden houses in Eidsvoll. The new Wergelandskvartalet is approved for buildings ranging from three to eight stories, in addition to a landmark building reaching 12 stories high.

– Creating an even more vibrant city center

“We are excited to get started and contribute to creating an even more vibrant Eidsvoll city center with excellent urban qualities,” says architect Kaja Melbye of Hille Melbye.

The new Wergelandskvartalet will consist of two blocks in Eidsvoll city center. The ground floors will accommodate shops and commercial spaces, while apartments will be built on the upper floors. Building upward on the new site also presents challenges due to its proximity to the historically significant wooden houses in Eidsvoll and buildings mainly ranging from two to four stories.

“In the further development of the project, we will continue to work on facade materials and explore how we can break up and connect the blocks in a way that builds upon Eidsvoll’s identity and complements the distinctive wooden house environment,” Melbye explains.

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