Good News from the Harbor Front

Our project Skur 38 at Vippetangen in Oslo has received a great review in Morgenbladet, praising its combination of old-fashioned and modern style. Oslo Port Authority is commended for showing leadership in circular economy and sustainable rehabilitation, as well as for participating in the Futurebuilt program. Reviewer Gaute Brochmann believes that exemplary projects like this are necessary to make circular construction cheaper and sustainable solutions accessible to everyone. “Good news from the waterfront,” writes Gaute Brochmann in Morgenbladet’s excellent review of our building Skur 38, now completed at Vippetangen in Oslo. We are proud to have participated in this interdisciplinary collaboration, and especially proud of the result, which Brochmann describes as “… a building that appears both old-fashioned and modern at the same time.” By participating in the Futurebuilt program, we have learned a lot about circular economy and sustainable rehabilitation, particularly important competencies in facing the green transition. And as Brochmann writes: “It’s great that a well-funded actor like Oslo Port Authority leads the way and can afford to choose such solutions. Circular construction is still an expensive pleasure. And to make it cheaper to take care of things, such exemplary projects are exactly what is needed.”

Read more in today’s Morgenbladet, and on our website: https://hmark.kinsta.cloud/projects/skur-38/