We Present the Pilot Project “City Homes for Everyone” at the OBOS Housing Conference

How can new housing concepts contribute to active ground floors in development areas and more affordable housing? With the pilot project “City Homes for Everyone,” we hope to inspire change in the future of city and housing development.
On Tuesday, September 7, our architects Kaja Melbye and Ingrid Sletten will take the stage at the OBOS Housing Conference to present perspectives and initiatives from the exciting city and housing development project “City Homes for Everyone.”

– Through this project, we have looked at how we can achieve better city life, a more sustainable neighborhood, more affordable housing, and a more diverse housing supply, says Kaja Melbye.

Kaja is a trained architect from the Oslo School of Architecture, and Ingrid is trained, among others, from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. They are both dedicated to exploring alternative development models that can help more people access good housing. In collaboration with Pådriv and JM Norge and supported by the Norwegian State Housing Bank, Hille Melbye architects recently launched the pilot project “City Homes for Everyone.” It aims to demonstrate how new housing concepts can contribute to increased urban life and better neighborhoods in developing areas.

– An important goal of the project has been to find a model that allows us to establish affordable housing without relying on public subsidies, says Ingrid Sletten.

The housing conference is about what it takes to create the world’s most just cities, and here, the Hille Melbye architects will provide exciting and innovative solutions based on the insights from the project.

Join the housing party in the Opera on Tuesday 7 September!

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