Jernbaneveien 11

After winning a competition in 2022, we have been working on a residential project at Jernbaneveien 11, which aims to contribute to urban housing development in Stabekk city center. We propose a building volume that follows the existing urban structure and adapts to the scale and material use.  

The planning area covers 1.2 acres and is centrally located in Stabekk with easy access to the train station. In line with the central purpose outlined in the area regulation for Stabekk city center, we propose the establishment of a compact apartment building for various user groups. The new building is designed with 4 floors, with a volume, roof shape, and material use that are adapted to the existing buildings in the vicinity. The planning area is shielded from traffic noise. This, combined with the building’s square footprint, allows for the establishment of 2-5 apartments per floor. The apartments will have the majority of their outdoor space facing west, distributed across two levels. The plan also includes the establishment of a smaller building for communal activities adjacent to the communal outdoor recreational area.