Youngstorget 3 in Arkitektur N

Youngstorget 3 is featured in the latest issue of Arkitektur N, with the theme Social Sustainability. We thank ArkitekturN for the positive review!

The ambition is for Youngstorget 3 to stand for over 100 years. The building is constructed with high-quality materials and facilitates various types of use and tenants. Today, it houses the meeting place YOUNGS and the outgoing design company Netlife, and in a few years, it could be entirely different occupants.

The principle of sustainability is that high usability will provide the building with a long lifespan. Over a longer time frame, this significantly reduces the consumption of building materials and lowers carbon emissions, while also providing the city and its residents with a diverse and excellent range of functions and services.

Photo by @nielsnygaard