New CEO!

Ingvil Arntzen is set to strengthen the digital initiative and meet the future developer needs. “We aim to address future challenges with increased focus on digital expertise and interdisciplinary collaboration,” says Hille Melbye’s new general manager, Ingvil Arntzen.

Ingvil Arntzen, who has extensive experience in the construction industry, assumed the role of CEO at Hille Melbye Arkitekter AS on October 1st. She succeeded the acting CEO, Alf Felberg, who has been leading the office in recent times. Arntzen holds a degree in civil engineering specializing in construction and comes from NCC Building Norway, where she led the Engineering & Digitalization department.

“I am incredibly happy and proud to become part of this prestigious architectural firm. After 20 years in the construction industry, I have worked extensively with architects – but as their client. Now I have the opportunity to bring this experience into my new role and actively use it to further enhance the expertise at Hille Melbye,” says Arntzen.

The demands for digitalization are increasing

Arntzen is convinced that competition for projects will only intensify for architectural firms in the years to come.

“The key to delivering what clients and contractors will be looking for in the future is to offer excellent quality in architecture, processes, collaboration, interdisciplinary teamwork, and especially high digital competence. The latter will be crucial to harness new technology and software. Hille Melbye possesses expertise in all these areas, and for example, we have just received the world’s first certified architects on Spacemaker. I look forward to developing this further with all employees,” says Arntzen.

“A leader for the future”

Eli Sætersmoen, Chairman of the Board at Hille Melbye Arkitekter, believes Arntzen is the right person to make the architectural firm even more attractive to clients.

“I am very pleased that we have recruited Ingvil Arntzen as the leader of Hille Melbye Arkitekter. She is a leader for the future with her excellent leadership skills, experience in a highly competitive industry, and knowledge of digital transformation. I look forward to working with her,” says the chairman.

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