A new, sustainable, and forward-looking commercial building in Ås


Office, commercial




Detail Design


Ås, Norway



M10 is a new and environmentally friendly commercial building under development in the center of Ås. The building is constructed using cross-laminated timber (CLT) and is designed for future-oriented use.

M10 will be a sustainable and flexible commercial building of high quality with a long lifespan. The consistent use of CLT creates bright and uplifting interiors, connected by a lush and vibrant atrium. Externally, a breathable climate shell wraps around the building’s floors, providing new cultivable surfaces for the green surroundings.

Like a tree, M10 takes root in Ås while breathing new life and opportunities into the growing urban environment. The building will have a strong identity and will be defined by its users. With over 13,000 square meters of commercial space, it will create a new and exciting meeting place for over 650 employees. M10 will facilitate tomorrow’s business environment in Ås.