Skovly Square

Feasibility study for an urban and outward-facing meeting place in the heart of Jessheim


Urban form, commercial, hotel, conference, offices.




Feasibility study


Jessheim, Norway

Contact persons:

Alf Felberg


Harald Kværner Eiendom


Ca. 40.000 m²

Skovly Square is a feasibility study for an urban and outward-facing meeting place in the heart of Jessheim.

The vision was to provide Jessheim with a new and forward-thinking business district, with good urban spaces, active facades, and an exciting offering. The project aims to connect urban movements and spatial sequences in the city center, functioning as both a landmark and an attractive meeting place.

Generous outdoor spaces and squares will be framed by well-proportioned building volumes, which, with good materials and open and inviting facades, will connect a lively city floor with an inner world of exciting services and functions. This is how commercial potential will be combined with good and forward-thinking urban development.

The new quarter will strengthen Jessheim on three levels – locally, urbanely, and globally. The neighborhood will be anchored, the city floor improved, and the regional and global position reinforced.

Skovly Square aimed to enrich Jessheim city center and become an exemplary project for the further development of the area.