Spanske ambassaden i Oslo

Halvdan Svartes gate 13, Oslo


office, rehabilitation






Halvdan Svartes gate 13 in Oslo, Norway

Contact persons:

Kristin Sande


Extension: 756 m²

When the Embassy of Spain in Oslo was to be established in a brick villa in Frogner, both rehabilitation and construction of a new extension were necessary to meet the space requirements. The villa was originally designed by Morgenstierne & Eide in 1912. With zoning regulations for special preservation areas, strict antiquarian requirements were imposed for the rehabilitation and extension.

The villa’s facade details and color were carefully restored to their original appearance. The extension was given a more contemporary expression with facades in rough-cast brick, while still being designed with respect for the existing architectural qualities. A lightweight and transparent steel structure connects the new and old buildings. This structure continues as a glass-covered patio outside the buildings, framing an outdoor space.

We undertook the rehabilitation project in 2008, and since 2010, it has housed Spain’s diplomatic representation in Norway.