Storo Shoppingcenter

Remodeling and expansion of Storo Storsenter.








Oslo, Norway


Olav Thon Storo ANS


56.000 m² in total, extension 27.000 m²

We were engaged by Thon Group in 2004 to create an amended zoning plan, facilitating an expansion of Storo Storsenter. This plan was approved in 2006, and the physical rehabilitation and expansion began in 2007.

The first part of the expansion started at the back of the center as an extension on the newly built subway culvert. Subsequently, there was an extensive refoundation of large parts of the old building mass. Concurrently, most of the shops were refurbished, and new escalators/elevators were installed.

The last part is a completely new building facing Vitaminveien with two parking levels underground. The center is connected by new escalators that run through all floors. Emphasis has been placed on ensuring that the center appears as one building.

The common areas/shopping street have therefore been given a uniform design in both the old and new parts. The same applies to the facades, where we have used dark bricks and dark facade panels. The center has been fully operational throughout the construction period.