Vertikale hager i Romerike

Winning proposal in a parallel commission for a new residential area in Romerike.






Competition proposal, feasibility study


Rome, Italy

Contact persons:

Kaja Melbye

The concept of a green vertical garden serves as a noise barrier against traffic while also becoming a meeting place for residents, providing space for urban cultivation throughout the year.

To create a noise barrier for the rest of the residential area, the vertical garden houses should be constructed as the first phase of the project. We proposed two passages at ground level and allowed the building to step horizontally along the property line to create division and rhythm in the facade, while also maximizing land use. This stepping is continued in the vertical plane.

Due to limited floor area, we have focused extensively on flexibility, exploring how the use of rooms can vary throughout the day or in different stages of life. In relation to this competition, a new housing report was also developed: Space-efficient homes with high quality living standards