Bislettgata 4

Mixed-use building with a fitness center, offices, school, cafe, and parking.


Office, commercial






Oslo, Norway

Contact persons:

Richard Berger


Olav Thon Gruppen


7.670 m²

The combination building in Bislettgata, directly across from Bislett Stadium, is a versatile complex housing a large fitness center, offices, three floors of school premises, a café, and an underground parking garage with a car lift. The building consists of six floors above ground and two floors below ground.

It forms a large courtyard together with the buildings in Pilestredet 56, and the fitness center extends under much of the backyard. On the roof, outdoor areas with green spaces have been created for the school students.

The project has been given a modern expression, with plastered facades from the third floor and upwards, while glass and white Chinese natural stone are used towards the ground. The facade is decorated with large glass panels with silk-screen printing, giving the building a unique visual character. From the reception down to the lowest floor of the fitness center, there is an open glass-covered atrium, creating an airy and open atmosphere and promoting good interaction between the floors in the center.