Bjerkely church

Transformation project of industrial buildings into church and school


Church, school




Winner of parallel commission


Våle, Norway

Contact persons:

Kaja Melbye


Det Evangelisk Lutherske Kirkesamfunn (DELK)

A former service/industrial building is being transformed into a church and school. Heavy concrete volumes, challenging underground areas, limited natural light, and a complex layout have been the main challenges.

The main entrance of the building is located towards the south in the existing concrete volume, which opens up towards an expanded outdoor space, creating an open and inviting entrance situation. The church gains a distinct entrance area and the desired orientation towards the highway. A simple and clean architectural expression conveys the sacred without losing focus on the human aspect. On the contrary, the architecture stages the activities in and around the church. The architecture of the church interior seeks to express both robustness and solemnity. This way, the space can be used both as a church and for commercial purposes.