Dampen 2.0

A future-oriented office building with high environmental ambitions.


Office, culture




Parallell commission


Nydalen in Oslo, Norway

Contact persons:

Joachim Midjo Andersen

By creating a vibrant urban ground floor with active facades that complement the preserved buildings, we can add unique qualities to both Nydalen and the new workplaces. Unique details and material qualities, including solid wood constructions and reuse of local brick, will give a distinctive building in harmony with its surroundings.

The project facilitates various environmental initiatives and innovative solutions to achieve both relevant certifications and environmental goals. A hybrid solution for passive ventilation, where supply air is heated in the atrium, along with smart facade principles, ensures low energy demands. Solid wood construction contributes to good indoor climate and reduced material emissions. Additionally, the reuse of bricks from various demolished buildings in Nydalen contributes to circular economic principles and provides quality materials for facades and floors.

The office building, with flexible interiors, will be attractive to a wide range of potential tenants and is equipped to meet the future’s hybrid and social work culture. The building can accommodate a large tenant or several small ones, and it provides social meeting places as well as comfortable conditions for quiet work.

An outward-facing ground floor connects the new building with the restored and preserved wooden houses, which will have new programs benefiting the neighborhood. Overall, the project offers an expanded offering to the area’s residents, with adaptable spaces for various types of events and a pleasant café. This way, cultural history is united with modern urban development in a new and exciting project.