Grønlikaia – Lohavn

City development in Oslo.


Parallel mission of housing with some outward-facing activities/ commersial.






Grønlikaia, Oslo

Contact persons:

Kaja Melbye

In our proposal for Lohavn in Grønlikaia, one will be able to live a good life. As visitors and residents, inside and between the buildings, from morning to evening, and in all seasons. Life should not only be for humans. Here, plants and animals will also find their homes – both above and below water.

Lohavn is set to become a vibrant neighborhood, and with its distinctive architecture and varied urban floor, it will contribute to creating a unique and charming district. The public space is our democratic arena, belonging to everyone and accessible to everyone; it is our square, our playground, and our park. Facilitating good neighborhoods with a strong sense of community is central when establishing a lively urban area and is thus a crucial success factor for the development of Grønlikaia.

New Coastline

The concept is based on the idea of ​​creating a unifying and readable double block with an identity and atmosphere that differs from other areas on Grønlikaia.

The approach is based on several considerations, including the location between Verket and other areas on Grønlikaia, and noise from Mosseveien. Blocks as a typology can serve as a mediator between these worlds. A mirroring of the quay edge and building volumes, which allows sightlines towards the Ekebergsskrenten through, can provide spatial intensity and reciprocity over the harbor basin.

The entrance to Lohavn has a new and an old harbor promenade, where the new one defines a new coastline for the public, while the old stone block quay runs diagonally through the neighborhood.

Life on the coastline

The large block in Lohavn is framed by spacious courtyards that respect the old coastline, instead of repeating the landscape’s geometry with building volumes. This provides an opportunity to cultivate the environment around the diagonal stone block quay as an identity-creating nerve through the neighborhood.

Two generous portals connect new and existing landscapes and mark the boundary between an outer and inner journey through Grønlikaia, inviting to a tranquil yet lively neighborhood world characterized by historical traces and proximity to the water. Open and curved colonnades signify the transition between public pathways and the more private courtyards, while maintaining contact with the water.

Public ground plan

Lohavn is set to become a vibrant neighborhood where it’s natural and convenient to share space, goods, and services. Facilitating community solutions, community rooms, and initiatives driven by local forces will make the neighborhood unique and authentic. Such development will take time and must happen on the residents’ terms, so temporariness in programming and flexible ground floors will be important.


Lohavn is intended to be a welcoming place for animals, insects, and plants, both on land and in water. By strengthening local ecosystems, we can facilitate increased biodiversity in the Oslo Fjord and Grønlikaia, thus reversing the destructive trend that has been ongoing for decades. In Lohavn, a vibrant and “nature-friendly” landscape will bring joy to both people and nature itself.