Hausmanns Hus

With high environmental goals and well-thought-out infection control solutions, Hausmanns Hus is a forward-looking and flexible office building.








Hausmannsgate in Oslo, Norway


Hathon Eiendom


Ca. 9.000 m²

Collaborating partners:

Pil Interior architects and design

Hille Melbye Architects, in collaboration with Pil Interior architects and design, has developed a complete renovation of Hausmannsgate 21 for Hathon Eiendom. The building, approximately 30 years old, originally consisted of cellular offices and technical systems according to the standards of its time. In the planning process, the aim has been to create a future-oriented office building where considerations for infection control have played a significant role. The office building is initially designed to accommodate up to 780 workstations in addition to 500 visitors. For the owner and developer, it is crucial to plan for the building to function as optimally as possible even during a pandemic situation like the one we are facing today.

The building, spanning approximately 9000 square meters, is intended to achieve a BREEAM Nor classification of “Excellent,” with a strong focus on incorporating blue-green roofs and utilizing solar panels. There will be shared facilities between Hausmanns Hus and Calmeyers gate 12, both developed for the same client, Hathon Eiendom.

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To create good workplaces with optimal daylight conditions, we have opened up larger parts of the facade. More glass in the facade also provides a lighter facade expression. Furthermore, we have designed roof structures that are set back by two floors to make the building volume less dominant at street level and to allow more daylight to penetrate down to the ground. At street level, the facade is recessed to create an arcade to provide better pedestrian space around the entrance area and contribute to giving the building a facelift.

Illustration by Goldbox
Illustration by Goldbox

The glass roof over the inner atrium integrates the large space into the building, providing an opportunity for a spacious communal area for meetings and dining on the ground floor. Open galleries extending upward through the floors create visual connectivity across different levels.

Illustration by Goldbox

Illustration by Goldbox