Helsfyr Hotel

Extension of existing hotel


Hotel, residents, regulation


Extension 2007 Extension 2010 Extension/Remodeling 2020


Regulation approved in 2017 / Building permit application submitted in 2019


Oslo, Norway

Contact persons:

Trine Helle


Ullevålsveien 114 AS


Ca. 12.000 m²

The “old” Helsfyr Hotel was built in 1978 and consists of 115 rooms across seven floors. It has been expanded with an additional 92 rooms in a new building structure spanning nine floors, placed perpendicular to the existing building. Altogether, there are now 207 rooms.

In addition to a lobby, restaurant, and meeting rooms, the ground floor features a large auditorium accommodating 175 people. This space extends over two levels down to the basement, where there are also meeting rooms and a spa area. The existing elevators and main staircase have been upgraded to serve the entire hotel complex.

The old hotel has a distinctive 70s style with red brick facades. The new building is clad in beige brick. Facing northwest, there are stunning city views, and the rooms have windows spanning the full width of the room and down to the floor. The top floor features exclusive suites.

Architecturally, the transition between the two buildings is marked by a glass facade and a recess that provides light at the end of the corridors.