Youngs gate 2-4

New life in Young's gate


New commercial and office building


2022 -


Building permit



Contact persons:

Joachim Midjo Andersen


Thon Eiendom

In Youngs gate, historically adapted facades meet outward-facing ground floors in an infill project aimed at bringing life and character to a neglected street in the heart of Oslo’s city center.

The area around Youngstorget in Oslo is characterized by beautiful and colorful apartment buildings and is known as “the old brick city,” with a vibrant urban and cultural life. Youngs gate stretches between Youngstorget and Storgata and has long been perceived as a lifeless side street due to its tired facades and poor ground floors.

The new commercial building at Youngs gate 2-4 spans two properties where two apartment buildings stood until now. Consequently, the facades are divided into two sections following the historical divide, and materials such as plaster and brick have been chosen to blend new with old and enhance the area’s character.

A long and complex application process has finally resulted in a building permit for a new office building. The property was detailed for a residential project, but daylight conditions proved too challenging to be approved. Consequently, the transition to an office building was resolved through the building permit process, with a large number of dispensations granted.