Hønefoss Arena

Ringeriksgata 35


Sportsbuilding, multipurpose hall


2013- 2015




Ringeriksgata 35 in Hønefoss, Norway

Contact persons:

Eva M. Paulshus


Flerbrukshallen AS, ved Terje Dahlen


11 900 m² BRA

The competition proposal was won in the fall of 2012.

It consists of two halls, the largest of which has a capacity for 2000 spectators. With retractable telescopic stands, the largest hall can be divided into two full-size handball courts. Both halls can be further divided with raise-and-lower partitions tailored for daytime school use.

The halls are connected to a rental building that includes a climbing wall, gym, physiotherapy, classrooms, and offices, in addition to a common vestibule and café for the entire facility.

The facility is located in the Hønefoss sports park Schjongslunden, on a regulated plot of land between the AKA football stadium and the Storelva river.