A new sustainable district with housing, commercial spaces, and a park in Sarpsborg.


Site development with residents, offices, retail, and more.




Part 1 of the proposed plan for public review.


Bjørnstadveien 50 in Sarpsborg, Norway

Contact persons:

Per Henrik Svalastog


Kalnesparken AS

Hille Melbye Architects won a competition in 2021 for the development of an area of ​​approximately 40 acres located at Bjørnstadveien 50 in Grålum, Sarpsborg.

The ambition behind the project is to develop an attractive and multifunctional new neighborhood, with high-quality commercial buildings and residences that emphasize vegetation, good outdoor areas, and meeting places in a location where it will be attractive to live and work.

The regulatory work for the first part of the area has been initiated. The purpose of the plan is to facilitate high-quality architecture in the form of a new office building of 15,000 square meters with up to 600 attractive workplaces. The plan also includes a smaller proportion of commercial and service activities to meet local needs. The planning approach ensures access for cars and bicycles, new public transport solutions with good transitions to public transportation, and good connections to adjacent areas and established businesses in the vicinity. New buildings and outdoor areas have high environmental ambitions, and efforts are being made to achieve BREEAM certification for the project.

Encounter with the city

The architectural passage along Kalnesparken connects to the urban environment. The passage serves as an invitation to explore the transition between the building and the surrounding cityscape. Here, you can see a well-designed architecture seamlessly integrating the building with the surrounding landscape. The outdoor space around the passage creates an attractive area for people to gather and enjoy the surroundings. Image 2 depicts a harmonious connection between the building and the city, illustrating how Kalnesparken creates an integrated and inviting atmosphere in this new neighborhood.

Inner passage

The inner passage is clearly defined and invites visitors to explore the atrium, a central meeting point in the project. Here, one can see an open and inviting architecture that creates an inviting atmosphere. Image 3 captures the moment as one enters the passage and catches a glimpse of the attractive atrium that awaits further exploration.

The Atrium

The atrium is a bright and open space surrounded by greenery, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The image captures the moment as one finds oneself in the midst of the atrium, experiencing the lush vegetation landscape and the serene environment. The atrium provides a peaceful retreat where one can relax and enjoy a break in a natural and aesthetically appealing setting.