Ringnes Park

Housing development, Askim South


Residents, commercial




Ongoing detailed regulation


Askim, Vammaveien 25 | Giljeveien 3B-D | Stasjonsmester Frosts gate

Contact persons:

Kristin Sande


Glomviktunet AS


Ca. 15.600 m² BRA

Ringnes Park is a residential development project located within the central zone of Askim. The proposed plan aligns with the municipality’s intention for densification and increased housing close to transportation hubs. The emphasis has been on creating a cohesive and locally adapted facility with good living qualities.

The plan accommodates approximately 100 housing units. Most of the units will be established in 4-6 story apartment buildings, but there are also plans for some townhouses to create a transition zone towards the existing low-density housing in the south. Commercial spaces will be incorporated on the ground floor of the apartment buildings to promote activity towards the street and square. Parking will be located underground. Outdoor recreational areas for the buildings will be situated in a noise-shielded and sunny area south of the apartment buildings. Additionally, the plan includes a publicly accessible quarter playground adjacent to the outdoor recreational areas and a square connected to the commercial areas on the ground floor.