Søndre Oslo DPS og BUP

Modern district psychiatric center in Southern Oslo, nominated for the Oslo City Architecture Prize 2016








Oslo, Norway

Contact persons:

Mattias Bager, Claudia Tambuscio


Hospitalet (OBOS)


14.500 m²

SøndreOslo District Psychiatric Center covers psychiatric health services within the districts of Østensjø, Nordstrand, and Søndre Nordstrand in Oslo municipality. The services offered include day and inpatient care, outpatient clinics, and ambulatory services. The building boasts high architectural quality with excellent outdoor and indoor spaces for psychiatric treatment. The balance between tranquility in treatment and openness in function is maintained in a building structure that relates to the street layout and the surrounding landscape. The building is situated near the hill in the east with mature trees and shrubbery.

The floor plan is organized into two main parts reflecting the different functions – the administration/treatment section and the inpatient units. The administration/treatment section spans 2-3 floors, adapting the volume and facades to the new development on the other side of Helga Vaneks vei. The building is set back, creating a pleasant arrival space in extension of Mortensrud’s square. A large atrium provides light to the offices and creates a green lung inside the building. The inpatient units are located on the ground floor southward between Helga Vaneks vei and the hill in the east, so that each inpatient unit is architecturally marked as a separate entity surrounding a semi-sheltered outdoor space. Patient rooms, kitchens, and common areas have direct access to their outdoor spaces. The aim has been to create spacious security both indoors and outdoors for the patients. Additionally, adjacent treatment rooms are placed towards Helga Vaneks vei. The facades are made of brick and glass. The entrance areas and residential units feature sections with oiled oak. We have consciously worked to achieve safe, bright, and humane spaces. All corridors have views towards the atrium or out towards the green surroundings.

Søndre Oslo DPS/BUP is a treatment center and administrative building designed with minimal environmental impact in mind. Both the client and contractors have prioritized environmental considerations in their choices overall.