Sønsterudveien 2 – Bekkely

Kolbotn, Nordre Follo


Residents, commercial




Ongoing buidling permit / preliminary project


Nordre Follo in Kolbotn, Norway

Contact persons:

Kornelie Solenes, Kari Stamnes


Sønsterudveien 2B AS v/ Pilares AS


ca 4000m2 BRA residents, 1800m2 BRA commercial

Sønsterudveien 2 consists of two separate residential buildings connected by a podium with commercial space and parking, forming a horseshoe shape around a shared courtyard on the roof. The two building masses are broken up into various volumes and façade elements, gradually stepping down towards the south. This breaks up the buildings and gives the project a more inviting scale towards the surrounding buildings and green areas to the south.

The volumes vary between 3-6 floors and contain 49 residential units of various sizes, a common area for the residents, as well as commercial and service facilities on the ground floors. By establishing a terraced stairway for play and recreation, the outdoor areas on the roof are connected to the outdoor spaces along Skredderstubekken to the south. Here, the podium façade opens up towards the recreational area, contributing to the activation of the outdoor space and future opportunities for interaction with the commercial spaces.

The green tones used in the project provide a subdued and tranquil transition towards the neighbors and the roundabout. The color complements the otherwise green surroundings and continues the “forest” along Skredderstubekken, as well as the green hues used in details on older buildings in Kolbotn town center. Recessed areas and entrance areas will be differentiated with a lighter golden/natural wood color, while railings, doors, and windows will have a warmer tone that complements the green timber cladding.