Strømmen bath

Competition proposal for a new swimming pool as part of a larger urban development project at Strømmen Verksted.


Swimming facilities




Competition proposal


Strømmen, Norway

Contact persons:

Lise Marie Evertsen


Olav Thon AS


13.000 m²

The purpose of developing Strømmen Badeland at Strømmen Verksted is to transform the area into an attractive central district with a diverse mix of purposes, such as residential buildings, health-related facilities, cultural activities, businesses, daycare, and a water park. Several squares and meeting places will be established, with connections/walkways ensuring good accessibility throughout the area, even during the evening. Additionally, an attractive recreational area with hiking trails will be established on the west side of Sagelva. This recreational area will connect to established communication routes outside the planning area, forming part of a natural network of already developed bike and pedestrian connections in the area.

The project “Phase 4” includes the following:

  • Construction of new buildings consisting of four residential blocks, a water park, gym, daycare, health center, goods reception with associated waste rooms, underground garage, a center building with shops, activity offerings, and catering, as well as integrated bridges for connection to Strømmen Storsenter, along with associated technical facilities.
  • The buildings comprise 7 floors above ground level, 2 basement floors, a ramp to the parking garage, outdoor recreational areas for the daycare and residential buildings on the roof above level 2 (in the center), as well as 2 integrated pedestrian bridges for connection to Strømmen Storsenter.
  • Removal of contaminated soil and re-vegetation of the slope towards Sagelva.
  • Terrain modifications in connection with new construction and development of outdoor areas.
  • Construction of roads with accompanying sidewalks, street lanes, establishment of squares, green areas, amphitheater, and tree planting along Sagbruksveien.
  • Development of a recreational area with hiking trails along Sagelva.
  • Establishment of a permanent structure – viewpoint towards Sagelva with access from the hiking trail.

The water park is designed by the architectural firm Nils Tveit.