Strømmen Verksted Construction phase 1

The old Strømmen workshop will be transformed into residential units.






Building permit


Strømmen, Norway

Contact persons:

Guri Tveito


Thongård AS


10 900 m²

Strømmen workshop was originally a mechanical workshop that has served as both an iron foundry and steel mill over time. A workshop building in brick is all that remains to commemorate the rich industrial history of the site. Drawing inspiration from this history and the remaining building, we have designed three volumes using brick as the main material, combined with lacquered metal for balcony railings, panels under windows, and fittings. This choice of materials also strengthens the relationship and sense of belonging to the surrounding area, as the surrounding buildings such as Strømmen Storsenter and Parkodden (residential project on the opposite side of the river) are both executed in brick.

The three buildings resemble each other in form and expression. Each building is designed as two interconnected volumes, with one volume extending up to the 6th floor, while the other extends up to and including the 7th floor. The two volumes are offset from each other, and this displacement creates continuous vertical window fields. To differentiate the two volumes from each other, the tall volume has recessed horizontal joints between the brick courses, while the low volume has joints flush with the bricks.

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At Strømmen Verksted, there will be a mix of residential, commercial, office, shopping center, and water park facilities. The most important contribution is that we have designed good external and internal pathways that connect Strømmen Verksted with its surroundings. This ensures good accessibility and easy communication. Furthermore, it has been a goal to accommodate all functions within the framework of a larger, cohesive building complex, enabling direct interaction between the various functions. Sightlines and openness are important tools for integrating, for example, the water park with the surroundings and other facilities/purposes.