Remodeling of the 10th floor and addition of the 11th floor.


Offices, rehabilitation






Oslo, Norway

Contact persons:

Eva Paulshus


Haakon VIIs Gt 1 ANS Marianne Blystad


Ca. 2.000 m²

Remodeling of the 10th Floor and Addition of the 11th Floor

Haakon VII’s gate 1 is centrally located in Oslo’s cityscape, and Thiisgården can be seen from both Rådhusplassen and Akershus Fortress. The building from 1959 was originally constructed with 10 floors and a mezzanine. In connection with a much-needed renovation of the 10th floor, a new 11th floor was added. The process began with a rezoning of the property, with the new zoning approved in 2011.

Even after remodeling and addition, the building still appears as a harmonious part of the central cityscape. The project was carried out in close collaboration with the Planning and Building Agency and the City Antiquarian. The addition is designed with respect for existing architectural qualities while also giving it a contemporary expression. The zigzag motif in the glass facade facing Haakon VII’s gate is preserved and continued upward in the new floor. The tower motif facing Rådhusplassen is emphasized and accentuated. The main façade facing Olav Vs gate is reinforced.

The facade facing Klingenberggata has been upgraded with new windows. The choice of materials and colors is tailored to the existing architectural expression. The interiors were executed in collaboration with us and the interior architects of the tenants.