Thon Hotel Snø

New Construction - Hotel and Conference Center


Hotel, residents, regulation







Contact persons:

Fatima Farran


Olav Thon AS


Ca. 18.000 m²

New construction (hotel and conference center) adjacent to the indoor ski facility in Lørenskog municipality. The project is located adjacent to the indoor ski facility to the west.

The new building is designed in 9 floors above ground with a total floor area of 18,058 square meters gross floor area (BRA). It will feature 321 hotel rooms. The project is part of the implementation of the zoning plan for Lørenskog Winter Park, area 2.

The hotel’s direct connection to Snøporten and the ski hall invites the continuation of parts of the neighboring building’s design language with angled and broken volumes. The hotel is envisioned as “like a mountain wall leaning against the ice cap”. Thus, the hotel represents a weight and robustness in expression and materiality. With a gradually escalating volume, sloping gable walls refer to the formation of the ski hall and the landscape, resembling the irregularity of a mountain wall.

With the hotel, we aim to express a unique identity. The facade material should abstract the wall/mountain that receives the ice cap. References to the mountain formation/hotel holding back the ice cap naturally lead to finding robust material references towards stone and rock with high quality and long lifespan. The hotel’s location directly adjacent to the ski hall guides the possibilities in facade construction and future maintenance throughout the building’s expected lifespan. Based on this, the primary choice for the facades is brick with shades and gradation in gray, which will evoke associations with stone and rock elements.