VIP Gardemoen

New VIP building at existing airport


Office, commercial






Oslo, Norway


Oslo Lufthavn AS (Oslo Airport)


Ca. 850 m²

The new VIP building at Gardemoen airport is located southeast of the main terminal and serves as a focal point and landmark. The building functions as a separate terminal with an arrival hall for check-in, security screening, and baggage handling on the ground floor. The floor above contains areas for relaxation and meetings.

The ground floor consists of two separate, elongated volumes to the east and west, enclosing an inner courtyard and creating a distinct entrance situation. To the north, the courtyard is bordered by a large stone wall that screens a rear pedestrian zone from view. Granite cladding gives the building’s ground floor a sturdy appearance. The volume on the second floor protrudes over the ground floor, creating a covered entrance situation on both sides of the building.

The facade on the second floor consists of a simple steel and glass structure mounted on the solid climate wall. The glass wall shields the rooms behind it from view. Glass panels with varying thickness and opalescence create a sense of lightness that contrasts with the materials used on the floor below. The facade is illuminated from behind.