Drammen racetrack is becoming a new district center.


Area Regulation for residents, district center, and sports facilities.




Planned first review before Christmas 2021.


Åssiden, Drammen

Contact persons:

Ole Johan Stensholt Kittelsen, Rambøll Mattis Asplin, Buskerud Trav, Trine Helle


Husbankstøtte - development project / Pilot project on one of JM's properties in Bryn.

On a site covering approximately 80 hectares between the Drammen River and Åssiden in the old Drammen trotting track area, a new district center for Åssiden is planned, spanning 35,500 square meters. It will include 970 residential units, a district park, and various sports facilities. The buildings will range from 3 to 7 stories, with the tallest structures facing Rosenkrantzgate and the district center, gradually decreasing in height towards the south, facing the river. Towards the north, the residential units are organized in large blocks with sunny courtyards, while the buildings gradually step down and open up towards the small-scale housing south of the site. The district park, covering 30 hectares, will serve as a gift to the new district, connecting the river to Åssiden and the residences to the sports facilities. Additionally, significant emphasis has been placed on communal outdoor areas, both within the residential areas and in the public spaces. The plan has been developed in collaboration with Rambøll.