Urban design, transformation, and preservation






Feasibility study




Stormgård AS (Olav Thon)


Ca. 5.000 m²

The Brugata Quarter is a small but highly complex block bounded by Brugata, Storgata, and the protected area known as Prinds Christian Augusts Minde (PCAM). Some of the buildings within the block are protected, some are considered worthy of preservation, and others have less historical significance. The challenge of the project has been to clarify how to facilitate possible further development of the quarter while preserving its heritage and meeting conservation requirements. We have collaborated with the City Heritage Office and the National Heritage Board regarding the park and the design of facades.

The proposed plan also allows for the outdoor areas within PCAM to be made more accessible than they are currently, and for a more varied use of the protected buildings. New construction will primarily consist of new commercial space on the ground floor within the block, a building facing Brugata 3B, and a hotel wing along the boundary and firewalls facing PCAM. The main architectural challenge will be to find a solution for the hotel wing’s facade facing PCAM that also integrates the existing firewalls and preserves their closed character.

Building permits for the construction of a hotel at Brugata 3-5 were granted in 2014. Plans were developed up to the tendering stage. However, the construction of the new building has been postponed indefinitely, while the change of use and renovation of the hotel were completed in 2017.