Brynsveien 17

Development of housing in Oslo


Feasibility study and detailed zoning for housing with some outward-facing activities/commercial spaces




Notified commencement of detailed zoning in fall 2021


Bryn in Oslo, Norway

Contact persons:

Kari Stamnes, Kaja Melby

The project is designed with consideration for its surroundings, including noise from the heavily trafficked Tvetenveien and partly from Brynshøgda to the north and east, as well as orientation towards sunlight and Bryn’s most important future park area, Brynsallmenningen, to the south and west. The design addresses these premises by combining two building typologies: a angular/ridge orientation towards the noise and freestanding high-rise buildings on the inside. Each typology addresses its specific task. Together, they form a site-adapted residential development with a strong identity, high quality of living, and spacious and varied outdoor areas.

The combination of lamella and high-rise buildings presents a unique approach that distinguishes itself from the typical developments in Oslo today, ensuring a variety of sizes and types of apartments that will be attractive to a broad range of residents. Bryn is one of the most centrally located development areas in the capital, and new residents here will have excellent access to public transportation, as well as green recreational areas like Svartdalen, which connects Bryn with Oslo city center.

The project proposes an approach that could help shape Bryn’s identity, with high architectural quality and buildings that face and connect with Brynsallmenningen. This could have significant implications for activating the northern part of the thoroughfare, ensuring it is perceived as safe and accessible both during the day and in the evening. Together, Brynsallmenningen and the residential project could create a visible and attractive gateway into the new Bryn from the north, while also enhancing the connection to Østre gravlund, making it more accessible as well.