Bygulv Nydalen Storo

A green, urban, and diverse urban floor


Urban floor map; analysis, vision, and recommendations




Completed urban floor map


Nydalen / Storo in Oslo, Norway

Contact persons:

Kaja Melbye


Nydalen Storo Area Forum, under the auspices of OMA

There is great development potential in Nydalen/Storo. As a result, the largest landowners in the area gathered in 2020 with a common goal: to improve area development by viewing Nydalen and Storo in conjunction. Oslo Metropolitan Arena (OMA) and the Nydalen Storo area forum selected Hille Melbye to conduct an urban floor survey.

The purpose of the survey is to explore how we can achieve better area development by better connecting Nydalen and Storo and creating a clearer and more qualitative green structure and urban floor.

Nydalen Storo has undergone a transformation from industry to densely built urban area in recent decades. Much of the area is now developed, and the main structures are in place. However, there are also challenges that have been pushed forward for several years: lack of green structures and urban connections in the area. Few active facades, few attractive outdoor spaces, and poor transitions to adjacent neighborhoods result in the area being deserted at night and the desired urban life being absent.

Both the municipality and the landowners wish to identify opportunities and needs to ensure the best possible qualities for residents and others in the area in the years to come. This urban floor map, with analyses, has been prepared by Hille Melbye Architects on behalf of 15 of the largest landowners in the area. The work identifies issues and qualities of the area today and suggests possible actions for improvement in the future, supporting a common vision for the area.