Regulation, Pre-project and Detailed plan of housing / terraced buildings




Beginning of detail plan autumn 2021


Kjonebråten, Asker kommune

Contact persons:

Mattias Duong

In Edelløv Hageby, our aim was to create an architectural coherence that harmonizes with the surrounding terrain and environment. The goal was for the residential area to blend naturally into the surroundings, connecting with the villa gardens on the hillside and smoothly transitioning into the natural areas along the site.

The buildings vary in height to introduce diversity and identity. The entrances to the residences are evenly distributed along the internal courtyards and walkways. We emphasized that the architecture should exhibit high quality in material selection and details, with references to the local buildings. Care for craftsmanship in architecture has been a focal point, aiming for an expression characterized by solidity and substance. Robust natural materials with a high degree of tactility and quality are utilized, ensuring longevity.

The four courtyards form the core of this car-free neighborhood, where the internal street, with its flexible design, invites residents to linger, play, and engage in activities, while also serving as the connection between outdoor spaces and access to individual units. Each residence has its own private garden, clearly delineated from the communal areas, and together with the private rooftop terraces, provides residents with outdoor spaces with excellent sun exposure from morning to evening. The front gardens and entrance areas feature spaces for bicycle parking and play equipment, as well as fruit trees that residents can pick from on their way to work or school.

The neighborhood is surrounded by lush and beautiful forests that extend right into the courtyards, ensuring good connections to the areas beyond and to the pedestrian and bicycle path that leads to Asker city center, just 5 minutes away by bike.