Klemetsrud feasibility study

Et mulighetsstudie bussanlegg/energistasjon/utelager


Mulighetsstudie for bussanlegg/energistasjon/utelager for SVV




Feasibility study


Klemetsrud in Oslo, Norway

Contact persons:

Per Henrik Svalastog og Bjarni Arnason


Oslo kommune, Eiendoms- og byfornyelsesetaten


33 daa

Collaborating partners:

NIKU / NIRAS / Dronninga Landskap

In connection with the Oslo Municipality’s desire to establish a new carbon capture plant at the Klemetsrud incineration plant, there is a need to assess possibilities for replacement areas.

The Property and Urban Renewal Agency has therefore commissioned a feasibility study to investigate whether municipal property southeast of the existing plant can meet the municipal area requirements for bus facilities, energy stations, or outdoor storage for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The property has complex conditions that provide premises for new land use: There are significant terrain differences that complicate rational utilization and traffic patterns with new exits. New functions with a high proportion of hard surfaces require larger detention basins for handling stormwater, which must be connected to the existing stream on the property. Nature conservation values and several cultural heritage sites occupy space. A high-voltage power line crossing the area imposes limitations on new use.

These conditions must be addressed simultaneously with the need to develop a good place. The area has a long history as farmland and has been surrounded by major traffic facilities in recent years. Many important decisions arise: Is it wise to blast away the 2,700,000,000-year-old bedrock to make room for an estimated couple of hundred years of activity serving car use? How to facilitate temporary use of the areas without destroying permanent qualities? How to ensure good goal achievement according to the Climate Criteria of the Planning and Building Agency? What kind of place should Klemetsrud be, and how to maintain local and green character? How to preserve the history? What is good placemaking? And what story are we going to tell?

Excerpt from the Klemetsrud film, circa 1950