Residents, urban form




Submitted planning initiative


Knivlia in Drammen, Norway

Contact persons:

Kaja Melbye, Mikkel Havaldsen


Pilares Eiendom


ca. 20 000 m²

Knivelia aims to become a site-specific, green, and vibrant neighborhood that represents a positive and new addition to the established housing offerings on Kniveåsen.

The project will capitalize on the area’s unique qualities: proximity to nature and forests, views of the fjord and expansive landscapes, and the opportunity to live a rural and peaceful life close to the city. With Espira Kniveåsen kindergarten as its closest neighbor, the new residential environment will contribute to a strengthened and vibrant local community in Kniveåsen.

A good variety of housing sizes and typologies will enhance the area with options not currently available on Kniveåsen, catering to a diverse range of residents and providing opportunities for housing advancement within the area. Nature will envelop a safe neighborhood with access to social gathering places and activities, both outdoors and indoors, throughout the year.

All of this will be wrapped in a sustainable lifestyle emphasizing good architecture, green mobility, diverse outdoor spaces, and generous areas for sharing and community.