Highlighting Lambertseter as the neighborhood for everyone


Residents, commercial, library




Lambertseter in Oslo, Norway

Contact persons:

Trine Helle


OBOS Eiendom


Ca. 13.000 m²

With a tailored housing concept for seniors, a revitalized commercial square, library, and new meeting places, OBOS will contribute to elevating Lambertseter as a neighborhood for all stages of life.

OBOS has been working on the development of the area around the old Lambertseter Center for some time. The zoning plan was approved in 2016, and now Hille Melbye Architects, on behalf of OBOS Eiendom, is applying for a building permit for the new building Langbølgen 7 at Lambertseter. The project, also known as “Bølgelengden,” involves the construction of a new building with a large terrace on a raised podium. The new building will have 8 floors above ground. On the ground floor, various businesses will be established, and above, there will be residential units. Additionally, two underground floors will be dedicated to parking, technical facilities, and storage units. The total floor area is 13,268 square meters.

The project will also contribute to the urban development of Lambertseter by reintroducing a pleasant commercial square in southern Lambertseter.

Since the 1950s, OBOS has had a goal of strengthening Lambertseter as a central district area with commerce, district administrations, a library, as well as squares and meeting places. Lambertseter should be an area with an exciting offering for all stages of life,” says Geir Graff-Kallevåg, director of development and construction at OBOS Eiendom.

Unique to this project is that it’s the first senior concept that OBOS Nye Hjem and Diakonhjemmet Omsorg are developing together. There are planned a total of 61 apartments specifically tailored for seniors, centrally located right by the subway, with shops on the ground floor and a shopping center nearby. Bølgelengden is intended to be a health-promoting living environment where safety, activity, and community are central. Diakonhjemmet Omsorg will provide a resident manager available around the clock. Thorough user surveys and involvement have been conducted to identify the needs and desires of the adult target group.

A good interaction with the typical architecture of the surrounding area has been crucial for the design of the project. The building should enhance the site’s identity while also representing something new and contemporary, says Trine Helle, architect at Hille Melbye Architects.

Good ground-level urban spaces have also been important. Legible squares, pedestrian connections, and passages will contribute to people meeting and feeling a sense of belonging to the local community. Residents will have access to varied and pleasant communal spaces both outdoors and indoors but can also retreat to spacious and user-friendly balconies.

The start of sales for the apartments is planned for spring 2021. If all goes according to plan, completion will be in 2023. Progress depends on the necessary approvals from the Planning and Building Authority.