Nedre Ullevål

Parallel commission, Nedre Ullevål for Fredensborg Eiendom.








Oslo, Norway

Contact persons:

Kaja Melbye


Fredensborg Bolig AS

Task understanding: examine opportunities to increase utilization of the properties by developing a new zoning plan for the entire area. The housing offering should be varied, where all apartments should have good qualities in terms of views, outdoor space, and room layouts.

Our intention is to create a good, attractive, and vibrant residential environment that preserves and enhances the area’s fantastic qualities. In addition, there should be an approach that allows for high utilization that is both flexible and robust enough to be changed without losing the qualities.

In the analysis and testing of planning strategies, we have arrived at a concept that incorporates the volume language of Ullevålsalléen 2 A-G and positions this as a varied and open row of residences facing Ullevålsalléen and further north in the planning area. This creates an open and harmonious street space along the public roads where trees stand freely in large front yards, just like in a classic garden city! Additionally, it clarifies a diffuse situation and responds very well to the challenges we know that the Planning and Building Authority (PBE) believes exist in the planning area.

Two communal rooms on the ground floor that can be used as meeting rooms, workshops, or multipurpose spaces to promote interaction and community among residents. From the inside, Rubinen feels like a standalone park house surrounded by greenery, yet it remains close to urban city life.