Competition proposal






Competition proposal


Ski, Norway

Contact persons:

Kaja Melbye

The proposal is based on guidelines from the new area regulation for Ski city center, which aims to realize projects that make Ski a future city in areas such as climate, environment, and urban design. With a zero vision for loss of arable land, residential development is directed towards densification in the city center, within walking distance to the railway station and high-frequency bus routes. With just a few minutes’ walk to Ski station, it is assumed that the relevant property will be utilized in accordance with the significant societal investments associated with the Follobanen railway project.

The new downtown buildings are to be designed with high architectural quality and contribute positively to adjacent public spaces. Requirements include buildings with ground-floor functions that create life and activity, ensuring green structures, and integrating attractive recreational areas and hiking trails into the urban structure. The buildings should have an active engagement with the street or square, with multiple entrances and openness on the ground floor.

For Rubinen, it stands out not only for its unique design but also for creating ideal conditions for a unique and vibrant residential environment with high quality of life. When you enter through one of the five passages to the courtyard, you encounter a world different from the outside, characterized by intimacy, play of colors, large glass surfaces, and areas for private and shared activities.

A generous and sunny outdoor space will be an important meeting place for residents, but also provide the opportunity to walk out into the large park or step directly onto the city floor. Surrounding the courtyard are a large number of bright and exclusive corner apartments with views in different directions. Angled surfaces bring in light and provide views for all the residences.

Two common rooms on the ground floor that can be used as meeting rooms, workshops, lounges, or other functions that promote interaction and community among residents. From the inside, Rubinen feels like a standalone park house in the greenery, yet it still has the urban city life right nearby.